Sensible Minnesota set an ambitious fundraising goal for this year. We are asking our friends and family to become sustaining donors at $10/mo. This is two beers or two coffees in a month you’d give up to help advance cannabis policy in Minnesota. If you weren’t aware, we’ve had a few small victories in the past year.

One, we held Minnesota’s first medical cannabis conference in Rochester. We had attendees from all over the state and were able to educate almost 100 new people, with great feedback and engagement.

Two, we helped orchestrate a campaign in favor of adding intractable pain to the current medical program. Guess what? In early December, we learned that Intractable Pain will be allowed beginning August 1st.

Three, just this past week, we prevented MDH from having the ability to delay the addition process for new conditions. The proposed rules (that we contested) would have allowed for up to two and a half years for a new condition to be added. Instead of fighting for these rule changes, MDH offered amended proposed rules that will keep the addition of new conditions on a one year timeline.

These are victories, small as they may be, they are progress. In order for us to make a bigger splash in 2016, we need your help. Please consider becoming a sustaining donor at $10/month. These donations will help us maintain the organization, as well as grow our ability to fight for progress.

In 2015, we did good work, 2016 can be better. We’re prepared to petition for new conditions, roll out the 1:1 patient advocate program, get out for two conferences, go to colleges and talk about the safety of cannabis compared to alcohol, reach farmers at the organic farming convention, and many other goals that we cannot achieve without financial assistance.

Become a sustaining donor by visiting our website: and using the PayPal link at the top of the site. Thank you in advance!