In response to the murder of George Floyd and the Minneapolis Protests

Police brutality is not a sensible response to victimless crime. Our team was horrified by the brutal murder of yet another black man by Minneapolis Police last week as we watched George Floyd plea for his life. We will continue to stand in solidarity and fight for justice alongside our friends, family, and neighbors in [...]

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#Justice4Philando: Cannabis use is not justification for manslaughter

“How many murders… and deeds of maniac insanity [marijuana] causes each year, especially among the young, can only be conjectured; [n]o one knows.”– Harry Anslinger, Former Commissioner of the US Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics (July 1937). In 2015 journalist Johann Hari published Chasing the Scream—a compelling narrative addressing the war on drugs with [...]

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