Can I travel with medical cannabis?

Medical Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, so it is illegal to cross state lines with it. However, you may purchase cannabis products in certain states where it is legal recreationally, or in one of the few states that offers reciprocity to out-of-state patients. Finally, you may drive with cannabis in your car [...]

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Who qualifies for medical cannabis?

Patients with the following conditions can qualify for medical cannabis in Minnesota: Cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, or cachexia or severe wasting. Glaucoma. HIV/AIDS. Tourette Syndrome. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Seizures, including those characteristic of Epilepsy. Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of Multiple Sclerosis. Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease. [...]

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