Police brutality is not a sensible response to victimless crime. Our team was horrified by the brutal murder of yet another black man by Minneapolis Police last week as we watched George Floyd plea for his life. We will continue to stand in solidarity and fight for justice alongside our friends, family, and neighbors in the Black Lives Matter movement. Our mission of supporting efforts to repair the harms caused by prohibition and the War on Drugs are inseparable from the efforts to stop the clear and present racial inequities in policing, the criminal justice system, and society at large. We also hold that law enforcement’s heavy handed response, including the inappropriate use of less-lethal and chemical weapons against peaceful protesters, community members, and bystanders is reprehensible, as is the actions of white supremacist groups and others to invoke violence and terrorize Black and Brown communities amid this plea for justice and reform. We applaud and support the hard work of community organizers to continue this fight, and support the work of neighbors coming together to defend and support their communities when the police will not.

In support of the community’s ongoing fight for justice, our team is:

  • Listening to the BIPOC community and amplifying their voices.
  • Aiding in the collection and distribution of resources to groups providing services on the ground in South Minneapolis, including medical aid, food and housing support, and harm reduction services.
  • Providing technical support to volunteer medical and community defense groups in the area.
  • Engaging our white allies and peers in conversations about antiracism, racial justice and the importance of everyone’s active engagement in building a better tomorrow.
  • Continuing to provide ongoing training, resources, and space to learn about the realities of racism and inequities in the United States and how to best support social change.

To our black and brown friends, neighbors, and community members:

  • We see you, hear you, and will continue to support you.
  • We will continue to amplify your voices and hold space for you.
  • We will continue to advocate for social and political change, including:
    • Ensuring that communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition reap the benefits of it’s repeal.
    • Advocating for swift and meaningful police and criminal justice reforms that advance economic, social, and political equality.
    • Educating our communities throughout the state on injustices and inequities.

During this time, we encourage our supporters in the Twin Cities metro area to donate resources to organizations impacted by the social unrest: https://twin-cities-mutual-aid.org/

George Floyd’s name will not be forgotten. #BlackLivesMatter

The Sensible Minnesota and Sensible Change Minnesota Teams