Medical Cannabis Shortages in Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Sensible Minnesota is an organization dedicated to supporting medical cannabis patients in Minnesota and advocating for a more sensible approach to cannabis policies. We received a number of reports from patients, beginning last week, about a shortage of medical cannabis at Leafline Labs.

The shortages reported by patients at Leafline are concerning, as medical cannabis is an important part of many patients’ lives in Minnesota. Missed medication can have serious consequences including seizures and severe pain. We believe Leafline is doing everything they can to meet their patients’ needs and to address the issues near term. However, the restrictive nature of Minnesota’s law is a major contributing factor to the reported issues. Going forward we would like to see expansion of cannabis producers, processors, and vendors, as well as additional delivery methods – especially as we add new conditions to the program.

We encourage patients to reach out to the Office of Medical Cannabis if they are having trouble getting cannabis from either manufacturer. The MDH Complaint Form can be found on the Office of Medical Cannabis website.  You can also download the form here: MDH Complaint Form.

About Sensible Minnesota:

Sensible Minnesota is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit founded in 2015 by a group of experienced activists. The organization seeks to educate the public on the uses, benefits, and relative safety of cannabis; support persons harmed by prohibition; and to advocate for sensible policy change. For more information visit:

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