Jared Poe
Patient Program Director

Jared Poe is an Austin, Texas transplant with a liberal arts education from Southwestern University in Sculpture and Feminist Studies. He was involved with SU’s NORML chapter, Allies co-vice president, and the Student Peace Alliance.

Jared moved to Minnesota with family, where he worked in non-profit program development and facilitation as a program coordinator for Camp Courage. He is dedicated to working with people who are living with special needs. Jared volunteers weekly as a receptionist for The Aliveness Project and is completing his A.S. degree in Horticulture at Century is College. He plans to transfer to the University of Minnesota’s Food Systems B.S. program with a minor in American Sign Language.

Jared has long recognized the efficacy and relative safety of cannabis as medicine and a holistic supplement. He enjoys assisting new patients in navigating Minnesota’s medicinal cannabis program. Working toward drug policy reformation is one of Jared’s many interests, and he is an advocate for the recognition of the effects of the intersectionalities of cannabis/drug prohibition with economic, ethnic, and social disparities.

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