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Sensible Minnesota is a volunteer operated organization. We cannot do this work without new volunteers. Check out the opportunities below!
Volunteer Opportunities

Research Coordinator

We are seeking an individual with intensive writing and researching skills to assist with the organization’s research efforts. Legal, medical, or other specialty research skills preferred. This individual must be able to communicate effectively and work with a team. Attention to detail and good writing skills required. Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

Outreach Coordinator

Sensible Minnesota is seeking a volunteer with leadership experience to oversee our Outreach Program. This person will assist in developing our social media presence. They will work with a team in efforts to effectively communicate to the community the evidence on how cannabis is safer than alcohol, many prescription drugs, and prohibition – including the war on drugs. This individual must have skills in writing and communication. Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will have expertise in organizing recruiting, engaging, and retaining volunteers. The ideal individual has a background in organizing human resources and is able to work independently.  Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

Government Data Practices Expert

Sensible Minnesota is looking for volunteers with a legal background to review documents acquired through the Minnesota’s Government Data Practices Act and Freedom of Information Act. This position is best suited for someone who is interested in or has experience in reading and summarizing government or legal documents, which may include correspondence, PowerPoint presentations, administrative findings, and other intergovernmental records. The volunteer will also identify areas where further inquiry is needed and perform additional requests for governmental records. Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

Patient Advocates

Patient advocates work with patients to answer questions and assist in the medical cannabis program registration process. Advocates should have a working knowledge of cannabis as a medicine and/or Minnesota’s medical cannabis program. Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

Social Media Specialist

The Social Media Specialist will work with the Outreach Team to develop relevant social media content and blog posts, as well as manage the organization’s social media accounts. This individual should have experience with social media marketing and must enjoy writing. Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected]

Tech Support

Sensible Minnesota seeks an individual to provide tech support and maintenance. This individual will work with the current technology team to learn the systems and structure before taking on more independent work, including troubleshooting with volunteers as needed.  A professional reference is necessary for this position. Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].


Sensible Minnesota seeks to increase community engagement by presenting information on medical cannabis in Minnesota upon request. Individuals must have knowledge of medical cannabis, including Minnesota’s program, and enjoy public speaking. Want more information? Fill out the volunteer form or email [email protected].

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