On April 20, 2018 Sensible held a vigil for victims harmed by prohibition at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This included uplifting stories around how cannabis helped people who felt they were out of options and had no place else to turn, as well as stories about the tragic consequences of prohibition for those that have died, faced incarceration, or suffered extreme health setbacks. It was an emotional, educational, and cathartic experience for those who told their stories as well as for those that learned about the individuals’ journeys.

If you would like to be included in future displays please submit a fill out the ‘Submit Your Story’ form with a high resolution photo.  Tell us how medical cannabis has helped you or how its prohibition has harmed you.  We are looking for stories wherein Minnesotans have experienced:

  • setback or suffering due to restricted access to medical cannabis
  • physical or bodily harm while consuming or obtaining cannabis in the black market
  • unjust incarceration for crimes relating to cannabis
  • significant negative impact due to a cannabis related crime or conviction
  • significant positive impact from its use, prescribed or otherwise
  • the patient program and are receiving medical cannabis as prescribed by a physician
  • accessibility under one of the newly authorized conditions

This display will be used throughout the state to demonstrate the darkness of prohibition and the light some have found through legal access.

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    Sensible Minnesota's Mission: Sensible Minnesota aims to make our neighborhoods safer and more inclusive for those negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs; collectively we work to educate the public and promote societal changes that emphasize compassion over isolation, restorative justice over incarceration, and public health over stigma.
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