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Sensible Minnesota is a 501(c)3 non-profit aiming to make our neighborhoods safer and more inclusive for those negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs; collectively we work to educate the public and promote societal changes that emphasize compassion over isolation, restorative justice over incarceration, and public health over stigma. Please email [email protected] for all press inquiries.

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Maren Schroeder

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Heather Tidd
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Alzheimer’s added to Minnesota’s medical marijuana list

Alzheimer’s added to Minnesota’s medical marijuana list

December 3, 2018: The Minnesota Department of Health is adding the degenerative neurological disorder to its cannabis program, which includes cancer pain, epileptic seizures, PTSD and autism. Research is limited, but findings suggest that cannabis inhibits the formation of proteins linked to memory loss and dementia.

Group Petitions For Medical Pot Program To Include Opioid Addiction

July 30, 2018: A medical marijuana advocate group is petitioning the state government to expand Minnesota’s medical pot program to include those who struggle with opioid addiction.

What are the current medical cannabis challenges in Minnesota?

June 6, 2018: Minnesota has one of the country’s most restrictive medical marijuana programs, and MMJ businesses in the state have experienced significant financial, management and legal issues.

Interstate Smuggling? How the Vireo Incident Is Testing State Cannabis Laws | Leafly

May 4, 2018: One company, two states, felony charges: How a simple inventory problem blew up when cannabis oil—allegedly—crossed state lines.

Minnesota’s marijuana moment: Why to legalize, by someone who doesn’t inhale

February 17, 2018: With decriminalization advancing coast to coast, legalized pot appears on its way, and Minnesota will light up the debate this year. Change is overdue.

Citing lab delays, LeafLine to temporarily scale back operations

November 28, 2017: Managing chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder became a lot easier for Kellie Germann when medical cannabis became available to her here in Minnesota two years ago, though a recent shortage is now threatening her relatively newfound relief.

PTSD patients eligible for medical marijuana starting today

August 1, 2017: Beginning today, patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will be allowed to purchase medical marijuana in Minnesota.

‘Overnight, Life Changed Completely’: How Medical Marijuana Is Making A Difference For A Minn. Family

July 10, 2017: A Twin Cities couple is counting down the days until their daughter can get life-changing medicine.


Our team works collaboratively to educate the community, promoting societal changes that make Minnesota a safer place.